Your fully certified teacher is Mickie Milne. She has a background in sport and was both a keen swimmer and runner in her day, competing throughout the UK and Europe. She carries Protection of Vulnerable Group (PVG) status for both Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire.


Mickie took early retirement after a long and successful career with Glasgow City Council. She retired as a Chartered Teacher within the Additional Support for Learning sector (ASL).

Through this sector, she developed an understanding of the physical impact impairment had on many young people and chose to accept a secondment to the Scottish motor impairment unit for a term to further extend this knowledge. Extensive work with blind and visually impaired pupils, developed an understanding of educational kinesiology, which she has used extensively when qualified.  Working in close contact with physiotherpists improved understanding of traditional methods of rehabilitation.

After graduating Mickie worked within the Scottish Prison Service, completing further training at Edinburgh University to become a  Physical Training Instructor.

She is also a national swimming tutor and coach, having worked predominantly with City of Glasgow squads. She successfully ran many training camps for young swimmers, gaining experience from courses in the national swimming facility at Stirling University. Through coaching, she had an opportunity to work alongside the creator of what is now known as Developmental PE. This in turn improved her understanding of how specific movement patterns in athletes could frequently be attributed to missing stages in earlier development. This knowledge was then applied in her teaching career.

She discovered CALLANETICS® over 20 years ago and recalls taking classes at Studio West at Anniesland with Mary Adams. She has always had CALLANETICS® at the core of her exercise regime and feels that the deep toning it offers has strengthened her body to allow her to participate in other sports with no injury.  There is no doubt it has improved her posture and she feels you develop an awareness of how to hold your body correctly after only a few classes.

Today, she combines newer cardio exercise programmes to promote a more balanced and holistic approach to daily CALLANETICS®.

Mickie has a keen interest in nutrition which she believes goes hand in hand with a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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